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The Eighty Monthly

Real food.

Real easy.

Jump-start your journey to better health.




Tired of being tired

After a long day of taking care of others, you have nothing left in your tank to take care of yourself.


Don't feel like you used to

Whether you just had a baby, are dealing with peri-menopause, or just aren’t 17 anymore, you’ve probably experienced some hormonal imbalances, but have no idea how to sort them out.


Unhappy with excess weight

Are you unhappy with how you look in clothes (or naked), even though you think you eat pretty well?

We get it.

But we’ll let you in on a little secret…

The key to achieving your health goals through nutrition is celebrating and loving your food, not vilifying it.

Here’s the jump-start you need:


The Eighty Monthly is designed to jump-start your journey towards better health, whether your goal is weight loss, improved health, or giving your body a break.

We want you to love your food, to love yourself, and to eat your way clean!

Feel good naked.

What’s included?

Personal trainers for your diet

We guide you step-by-step to your weight loss or health goals through a strategically designed science-and real-food-based system. 


Up to 4 Real Food Cleanses

Depending on the length of your membership, you will receive up to 4 seasonal Real Food Group Cleanses annually.  Our group cleanses feature quality, nutrient-dense ingredients and meals from plant and animal sources. 

Workweek Resets

All members receive 5-day Workweek Resets during each month without a seasonal cleanse. Workweek Resets begin on Monday mornings and end on Friday evenings at 5PM, freeing up your weekends for whatever you might have planned.  Our Workweek Resets feature an uncomplicated menu of rotating recipes, so you don’t have to dedicate much time in the kitchen to feel that amazing Eighty glow!


Recipes & shopping lists

You will eat abundantly from a wide array of foods and use the use the Eighty cleanse menus, recipes and guides to make the most of your experience. 


Easy to follow tips

Your membership includes interactive food education and mind-body exercises to help you dig deep and see the progress you want. 


Community support

All members receive access to our exclusive Eighty Monthly member group for inspiration, community, support, and accountability. Accountability groups are clinically proven to increase your rate of success (up to 94%)! Our member group provides a fun, informational and supportive community of like-minded women all working together to achieve their goals. 


Discounts on all other Eighty products, including private coaching hours, vitamin supplements, and The Eighty Blueprint!

How Eighty Can Help

The Eighty Monthly

  • Looking to finally make that change in your eating habits so you can look and feel better than you ever have?
  • Had success with Eighty Cleanses but need more continuity to stay on track?
  • Craving new recipes, ongoing guidance and accountability?

Then Eighty Monthly is for you!

This easy and affordable, monthly program is the recipe for your long-term weight loss and health success! Featuring Eighty’s quarterly, seasonal Real Food Cleanses and monthly Workweek Resets, it’s the “un-diet” program you’ll want to live with! Choose between month-to-month or annual membership.

Check out our discounted Inaugural Rates!

Month-to-Month: $49 per month
3-month minimum, no cancellation fee

Annual membership: $500  (Best value!)

Plus: All Eighty Monthly clients receive 15% off all other Eighty products, including private coaching hours, vitamin supplements, and The Eighty Blueprint!

Private coaching via videoconference may be added, for an additional fee.

On the Fence?

Book a consultation with Ali or a member of the Eighty team to learn more about Eighty and determine which Eighty program is right for you!


What They Say

I initially did a personalized 30 Day Reset to really kickstart better habits and it completely changed my life and health. During the 30 day reset, I lost 10 pounds and 13 inches. Two years later, I have now lost a total of 35 pounds and 26 inches by continuing to implement the Eighty principles. My cholesterol has gone from borderline high to well within the healthy range, including my triglycerides dropping by more than 50% (yes, my doctor was stunned). Just before finding Eighty, I was three pounds away from an obese BMI, and am now firmly in the healthy BMI range.

Sylvia C., Carlsbad, CA

What they don’t tell you about being a woman who ‘has it all’ is that you start to sacrifice your own health when life gets busy. I had gotten myself into such a rut between trying to be everything for my family and at work that I didn’t even realize how burnt-out I was. Ali was the most supportive and compassionate soul. The Blueprint she created helped me see where I could make easy, lasting changes that made me and my family much happier.

Susan C., Short Hills, NJ

If you’re hesitating about joining Eighty – don’t! This investment gave me my life back. After years of fad diets and gimmicks, I finally found a real system that works and that I can sustain. I’m in better shape now than I was before having kids and I sleep like a baby!

Amanda P., Fairfield, CT

For me, it’s very simple why Ali’s cleanses just work. Her recipes are easy to follow, and always 100% delicious. All of the recipes use real food and nothing processed. The online support groups make it fun, and make us feel connected. The accountability of the groups help me stay on track.

Jordana H., Fair Haven, NJ

Before Eighty, I was feeling miserable. I had everything ‘going for me,’ but I was unhappy about my body and tired all the time. No matter what I tried, nothing much seemed to change. I took a chance on my first Eighty cleanse after a neighbor recommended it, and now I’ve done four cleanses and have lost 22 lbs in a little over a year. Ali’s approach is to empower and teach women how to eat without compromising their quality of life. Instead, she teaches us how to improve it!

Mary B., San Mateo, CA

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