The Eighty Mastermind

Enrollment opening Fall 2023

Our signature program for high-impact women looking to stay in shape, eat to feel awesome, and crush your goals without sacrificing the things they love most.

Let us guess…

You want to spend the next few months enjoying the sun, sipping on a cocktail, snacking on something salty at the beach, and enjoying a backyard BBQ, rather than worrying about meal prepping for Monday.

But you also want to wear fewer clothes, look and feel your best, and make sure the Fall is not an absolute hot mess spent undoing summertime damage.

So what’s a girl to do?!?

Well, first things first: everyone needs accountability. Without it, pretty much everything tends to fall apart, even for those of us with the greatest willpower in the world.

In addition, we believe success comes from gaining knowledge, and feeling empowerment and confidence. We know that working with someone who makes it wildly easy to stay on track and get back on track if the wheels start to (even a little bit) come off the bus makes all the difference.

Imagine you could get that all in one place…

Oh wait, you can!

Welcome to THE EIGHTY MASTERMIND, our signature program for high-impact women looking to stay in shape, eat to feel awesome, and crush this summer without sacrificing the things they love most.

Here’s the plan:

The Mastermind runs from July 5th through September 6th and we will only be taking 15 women, so do not wait on this one. Now here’s the plan:


A private accountability group for daily conversation + support + education + connection, led by Ali Kucich


The option for weekly in-person bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), to measure several aspects of body composition, including weight, body fat and water percentage, and muscle and bone mass (local participants only - all others can send measurements weekly!)


Two monthly meal plans (one per month)


Weekly “lunch & learn” coaching calls to tackle meal prep (week 1), food tracking (week 2), movement + exercise (week 3), sleep and stress relief (week 4), alcohol consumption (week 5), supplements (week 6), detoxification (week 7), hormones (week 8), and how to keep the momentum going (week 9).


The opportunity for discounted 1:1 coaching (½ price for all mastermind participants) and functional lab testing


Weekly office hours with Ali


A 3-day detox program that you can do again, and again, and again!

Wow! How much does this cost?


We’ve priced the Mastermind at $299, which means it’s $5 per day to be a part of this exclusive group. YES, we know that’s amazing and NO, we aren’t kidding at all. You get everything on that list for $299. So, what are you waiting for?!

As a bonus, we’re discounting the Mastermind to $275 until June 15th, so get in early to save a little cash!

Lots of Love From Our Clients

“She explores your health from different angles.”

When you are ready to start living with food freedom and ditch the “diet”, head over here! There are no diets-just your lifestyle. Ali really knows her stuff. Not only will she explore your health from different angles, she will give you slow, actionable steps to get you on track. Building on your success one step at a time. No more all the things or overwhelm. She has helped me to eat like I love myself.

“Actually life-changing.”

Eighty is the best nutrition program — actually life-changing. I’m healthier than ever and I’ve never eaten better. Ali knows more about nutrition and wellness than anyone I’ve ever worked with. If you want to lose weight, feel better and look better easily while eating delicious food then Eighty is for you!


“Eighty has taught me how to eat for health, wellness, and weight loss.”

I’ve been an Eighty client for years. Eighty has taught me how to eat for health, wellness, and weight loss through nutritionally dense meals. I’ve learned what foods to eat and in what combinations to detox, balance hormones, and lose weight. It’s not about food restrictions or fad diets. It’s a long term way to fuel your body while seeing long term sustainable results. I’ve never been in better shape or better health.

Ready to enjoy fall guilt free?

If you want to enjoy the fall season without guilt, shame, or regret when it comes to food + feel confident in your skin, this is YOUR program.