5 Day Sugar Detox

Take a vacay from sugar and start feeling like your healthiest, sexiest, strongest, and most glowing self.

$45 – start anytime!

Are you sick of getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar?

Addiction to sugar is a very real thing and we’re 100% sure you are sweet enough without the treats that are ruining your mood, fueling your fat cells, and causing massive inflammation in your body.

Our 5 day sugar detox will help you understand the incredible amount of sugar that hides in your food, figure out what a healthy meal actually looks like, ditch carb cravings, and kick your sugar demons to the curb. At the end of this easy to follow program you’ll feel less bloated and more energized. You’ll sleep like a baby, glow from the inside out, and effortlessly slip into your favorite jeans.

This is for you if…


You’re tired of restricting food just to shed one pound… and then gain it right back


You want to end the toxic cycle of total deprivation, wild sugar cravings, and late night binging on the “bad” stuff


You’re DONE feeling guilty about what you eat


You want lasting change, rather than a “quick fix” that never really fixes anything

Here’s what you can expect:


Increase your energy, mental clarity, and body confidence


Greater connection to the foods you choose - understanding why, what, and when to eat


Creating daily habits that nourish you from the inside out


Kick mood swings to the curb and feel centered, grounded, and ready to handle whatever life throws at you


Transform your relationship to food by gaining a deeper understanding of how your body functions and how you can effectively support it


Eat to feel AWESOME, rather than guilty, ashamed, or like you “failed” at something that should bring you joy

My skin is glowing!

I learned so much, stayed full, and loved everything! I can’t wait to do future programs with Ali and her team. Oh and my skin is glowing, which I definitely didn’t expect. THANK YOU for that!

This has been SO eye-opening.

This has been SO eye-opening. I finally realized how many times I relied on the pantry for snacks, how much sugar I was eating, and how I was skipping meals – thinking I was being ‘good’ and had ‘willpower’ – only to overeat later.

I am enjoying the natural sweetness in food again.

This was great! I love how the sugar detox got me away from my typical mindless eating during the day. As a self-proclaimed sugar junkie, I am grateful to be enjoying the natural sweetness in foods again.

The sugar detox transformed my relationship with food.

I came into the sugar detox out of complete desperation because my skin issues were flaring up and I felt so bloated by 3 PM everyday, it was almost like I was back in the second trimester of my pregnancies. The sugar detox transformed my relationship with food, cleaned up the inflammation on my chest, ankles, and elbows, and helped me get back into a pair of jeans I was almost about to give away.

It was shockingly easy and incredibly delicious.

I think the recipes were a big part of what kept me going. I was skeptical of what it meant to eat ‘whole foods’ because honestly, I thought I was! These recipes were unlike anything I’d tried before and now I cannot imagine going back to how I used to eat. It was shockingly easy and incredibly delicious. I kept waiting for something to be ‘meh’ and it never was!

More energy and better skin.

Not only did I love the recipes, but I also found that I had more energy and better skin as a result of the cleanse. Perhaps most importantly, the recipes and whole approach recommended by Eighty feels very sustainable. I will definitely join another Eighty program again so I can stay on track and diversify my rotation of healthy recipes.

Wearing jeans that fit me ‘pre-kids.'

Not only am I wearing jeans that fit me ‘pre-kids,’ but I’m also spending less money on quick-grab food!

She has helped me to eat like I love myself.

Ali really knows her stuff. Not only will she explore your health from different angles, she will give you slow, actionable steps to get you on track. Building on your success one step at a time. No more all the things or overwhelm. She has helped me to eat like I love myself.

Actually life-changing.

Eighty is the best nutrition program — actually life-changing. I’m healthier than ever and I’ve never eaten better. Ali knows more about nutrition and wellness than anyone I’ve ever worked with. If you want to lose weight, feel better and look better easily while eating delicious food then Eighty is for you!

When you join the Sugar Detox, you’ll get:


Our signature “Quick Start” guide that will give you all the facts, information, tools, and tricks you need to say NO to the cake


A 5 day, NO sugar meal plan and menu that’s somehow still magically delicious


The ultimate sugar-free shopping list


5 amazing days of valuable, easy-to-apply nutritional education that will shift your relationship with food and cultivate an appreciation for real food


Access to our favorite sugar detox-approved recipes, which you can use to build your own personalized meal plan or reference for inspiration

Join the 5 Day Sugar Detox

Your skin, hair, nails, and waistline are going to love this program!

Program cost: $45 – start anytime!