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Why Eighty?

Our clients dish on why Eighty is the only way to eat for life.


Completely changed my life and health.

I first started working with Ali and Eighty a little over 2 years ago. After struggling with gradual weight gain since my mid-20s and finally hitting a number on the scale in my early 40s that was an absolute wake-up call, I reached out for help. Aside from the weight issues, I’d suffered with digestive issues and low energy for many years as well. I initially did a personalized 30 Day Reset to really kickstart better habits and it completely changed my life and health. The resets and seasonal cleanses provide delicious new recipes, accountability and a wonderful supportive community to help me re-center my habits and get back on track.

Not only do I feel better physically and emotionally, but my digestive issues have completely disappeared and my energy has rebounded.

During the 30 day reset I lost 10 pounds and 13 inches. Two years later, I have now lost a total of 35 pounds and 26 inches by continuing to implement the Eighty principles. My cholesterol has gone from borderline high to well within the healthy range, including my triglycerides dropping by more than 50% (yes, my doctor was stunned). Just before finding Eighty, I was three pounds away from an obese BMI, and am now firmly in the healthy BMI range.

Anyone would be truly blessed to have Ali and Eighty Nutrition in their corner. I am an Eighty super fan for life!

Sylvia C., Carlsbad, CA


Eat without compromising your quality of life.

Before Eighty, I was feeling miserable. I had everything ‘going for me,’ but I was unhappy about my body and tired all the time. No matter what I tried, nothing much seemed to change. I took a chance on my first Eighty cleanse after a neighbor recommended it, and now I’ve done four cleanses and have lost 22 lbs in a little over a year. Ali’s approach is to empower and teach women how to eat without compromising their quality of life. Instead, she teaches us how to improve it!

Mary B., San Mateo, CA


This investment gave me my life back.

If you’re hesitating about joining Eighty – don’t! This investment gave me my life back. After years of fad diets and gimmicks, I finally found a real system that works and that I can sustain. I’m in better shape now than I was before having kids and I sleep like a baby!

Amanda P., Fairfield, CT


I have more energy and better skin.

Not only did I love the recipes, but I also found that I had more energy and better skin as a result of the cleanse. Perhaps most importantly, the recipes and whole approach recommended by Eighty feels very sustainable. I will definitely join another Eighty program again so I can stay on track and diversify my rotation of healthy recipes. 

Janellen D., Fair Haven, NJ


I’m wearing my ‘pre-kids’ jeans.

Not only am I wearing jeans that fit me ‘pre-kids,’ but I’m also spending less money on quick-grab food!

Katie W., Fair Haven, NJ


Recipes are always delicious, creative and filling.

I always learn something new about myself during these cleanses. Thank you for building a supportive community and giving us the tools to feel great. Your recipes are always delicious, creative and filling. It feels great to start the summer off making healthier choices and feeling leaner than I have in months. It’s been nice to be able to control something in my life during a time when everything else feels out of control! 

Kristen D., Fair Haven, NJ


I look forward to the cleanses!

It should say something that I look forward to the cleanses because of the meals! The Eighty cleanse recipes are that good!

Lauren M., Tenafly, NJ


Eighty is an eat-for-life, food-as-fuel, diet-retraining program that provides you with all the tools and support you need to restore your health, achieve your personal weight loss and health goals, and live at your peak state of awesome.

My first cleanse was life changing!

My first cleanse was really life changing! So much easier than I thought, and I feel great. My scale says I’m down 12 pounds. My family and I are definitely going to continue eating this way.

Kristy M., Berwyn, PA


100% delicious.

For me, it’s very simple why Ali’s cleanses just work. Her recipes are easy to follow, and always 100% delicious. All of the recipes use real food and nothing processed. The online support groups make it fun, and make us feel connected. The accountability of the groups help me stay on track.

Jordana H., Fair Haven, NJ


After the first 2 days, I was ALL IN.

This was my first 3-week cleanse and after the first 2 days, I was ALL IN. I knew I needed a change, some accountability and new recipes to get me inspired. During the cleanse, I realized what helped me stay full, what foods were just pointless junk and incorporated new, fresh ingredients into my rotation. Quarantine wasn’t an obvious choice for a cleanse at first, but it really changed me and I’m glad I did it!

Carin D., Fair Haven, NJ


Completely transformed my perception.

Thank you so much for three weeks of encouragement and support during this most recent cleanse. As a person who knew how to “eat healthy” but wouldn’t because it didn’t “taste good,” you have completely transformed my perception. You encouraged me to take the time to have a true understanding of how making permanent lifestyle changes in my eating habits is SO important for my body and can also taste delicious!!

Christine E., Fair Haven, NJ


I’m an Eighty lifer now!

My whole life has changed in the year since I started your coaching program. My nutrition, sleep and habits are completely transformed. I also lost 25 pounds and am successfully keeping it off. Thank you for all the support. I’m an Eighty lifer now!

Gillian C., New York, NY


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