Are you Ready for a REAL FOOD Reset?

Jumpstart your metabolism, banish the bloat, reduce inflammation, boost energy, kick cravings to the curb, and get off the diet rollercoaster while eating REAL FOOD that helps you feel – and look – absolutely awesome.

The program runs September 11-24.

Regular Price: $149

Early Bird Pricing: $99

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Registration closes on September 9th.

What’s the plan?

September is the new January, and that means it’s the perfect time to hit “reset” on your healthy habits after a summer of enjoyment and indulgence!

Did you know that more people drop their healthy eating and exercise routines in summer than during any other time of year? There are more evenings out with friends, weddings, family vacations, trips for ice cream. and reasons to say, “It’s such a nice night. I’ll have another glass.”

Most of the time, we don’t even realize it’s happening until we have to put our jeans on and they feel… uncomfortable.

Every summer, we tell ourselves that this is it. We are going to make good use of the longer, brighter days to start new habits and roll into the Fall feeling our best yet. And then we arrive here, on the cusp of Fall, and wonder which glass of Frosé washed our intentions away.

Would you enjoy your Fall more if…

You knew you had a solid plan to help you quit the 3PM chips and guac habit?

You knew your clothes would fit better?

You knew you wouldn’t kick off the school year feeling drained and depleted?

You weren’t worried about “working it off” with hours upon hours at the gym?

You didn’t feel your only option was a punishing regimen of juices, shakes, and bars?

If you’re like hundreds of other women who buy our cleanses, then we know the answer is yes.

Yes, you would.

And that’s why we bring our September Real Food Reset back year after year! Eighty’s Real Food Reset is the TLC that your body needs after the excess of an indulgent summer.

Our simple food-based program delivers the results you want in a manageable way.
(No starvation. No hangriness. No more resentfully eating processed diet bars for dinner while your family enjoys an actual meal.)

All you really have to do is eat.

What you can expect:

During our Real Food Reset, you’ll eat regularly from a chef-designed menu of real food, designed to help your body’s natural detoxification pathways. We will provide you with a comprehensive two-week program, complete with a modifiable meal plan, all the recipes you’ll need, and a shopping list. And it’s simple! No twenty-step recipes or foods you can’t find in a regular grocery store.

Here’s what you can expect after our Real Food Reset:


More energy (to get up and take that 6am HIIT class)


A better mood (to deal with your kids, spouse, and coworkers)


Loss of summer bloat (so your clothes fit comfortably)


Clearer skin (that makes you look younger!)


Reduced inflammation (so you’re not so achy and in pain)

Sound familiar?

Even with all this info, you might be wondering if our Real Food Reset is for you. Think back to summers of the past.

By the end of August:


You’re still struggling to get out bed in the morning.


You’re suspiciously eyeing the pants in your closet.


Your body feels a little more achy than normal.


You find yourself deciding not to cook tonight… again.


You’re tired all day long, but also sort of wired at the same time.


You can’t remember a time when you ate regular meals, because grazing has become a way of life.

If this sounds familiar, then the Eighty Real Food Reset is your two-week solution to feeling fabulous again!

With our anti-inflammatory eating program, we’ll help you boost your body’s detox capacity, ditch the sugar demon, and dial in your mindset so you can enter Fall 2023 looking and feeling your very best.

You might have heard that nutritional cleansing is a gimmick. The short answer is that it can be… if you’re spending a ton of money on products or looking for a magic bullet. There are no magic bullets at Eighty. Our program is rooted in science and created by a board-certified functional medicine nutritionist.

How can I eat real food and still reset my body?

The answer is simple. Resetting (or detoxing or cleansing) does not have to be extreme to be effective! Our bodies have an amazing in-built detoxification system that is constantly working to try and keep our body in excellent condition, and Eighty’s Real Food Reset helps you boost your body naturally so it can do what it’s supposed to.

While the news media is constantly peddling sensational gimmicks and harsh diets, our bodies don’t flourish from malnutrition. There is no need to subject your body to protocols that leave you tired and unable to function like a rational adult. While it may not be “easy” to forego some of the comfort foods your body has grown accustomed to, feeling like death warmed over is not a benchmark of success. You can’t be awesome if you’re hangry AF.

Maybe you’ve tried a reset program in the past. Maybe it didn’t work out for you.

Do you know the primary reason why nutrition programs fail? Lack of support and accountability.

Don’t worry! We’ll be with you every step of the way. And because there is nothing like a supportive community, you will also have 24/7 access to our exclusive member group comprised of only cleanse participants. We’ll also send you resources for shopping, and meal ideas for take-out and eating out.

The Eighty Real Food Reset uses whole, nutrient-dense foods to detox your body, reset your habits, & jumpstart your metabolism.


Detox Your Body

Eat nutrient-dense foods to support your body’s natural detoxification pathways.


Replace bad habits with great ones, with the support of the Eighty community and a Certified Functional Nutritionist.


Balanced hormones = a functioning metabolism. FINALLY make progress toward your goals.

The Real Food Reset Includes:

Your 2-Week Reset Guide

2 Weeks of Gorgeous, Chef-Designed Meals

Weekly Shopping Lists

Access to the Private Facebook Community

Weekly Q&A Sessions with Ali

Lots of Love From Our Clients

“The Eighty Reset works.”

“The Eighty Reset works. The food was beyond delicious, easy to prepare, and wholly soul-satisfying. I felt better, slept better, had heaps more energy and lost 8 pounds. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

“I’m down 17 pounds.”

“I’ve participated in every Eighty Real Food Reset since last year. I am down 17 pounds just by using the recipes and continuing the good habits I learned. I am so pleasantly surprised by the changes in my body and my overall health.”


“Wearing jeans that fit me pre-kids.”

“Not only am I wearing jeans that fit me pre-kids, but I’m also cooking at home and setting a great example for my teenage daughters. Showing them that they don’t need fad diets or gimmicks to be healthy has been the cherry on top of this amazing reset!”

The Real Food Reset

Reset your habits.

Detox your body.

Jumpstart your metabolism.

Sign up now! We begin September 11, 2023.

Regular Price: $149

Early Bird Pricing: $99

Sign up by August 22 to get $50 off using the Early Bird discount code FALL23.

Registration closes on September 9th.