E4AP Questionnaire

Hello, amazing families of young athletes! We'd love to get to know your budding sports stars a little better and understand their unique needs. By filling out this brief form, you'll provide us with valuable insights into who your kids are, what sports they play, their eating habits, and how we can best support your family on their athletic journey. Let's team up for success.

What sports are your kid(s) involved in?
Call me "Captain Clueless"HEEEEEEEELP Me!I know a little... but I'd like to know a lotI feel like I'm rocking it (but could do better)I just might be a functional nutrition
Bag of goldfish out the doorProtein, veggies, and carbs - right?We do okay when we can make meals at homeI've got skills, but I'm ready to uplevel them!I'm basically a health-supportive chef!
Have you ever invested in a performance-focused nutrition program for your kid(s)?
Does your youth athlete engage in workouts beyond their scheduled practices and games?