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“Life is about choices. The better you become at making good choices the better your life will be.”

– Germany Kent

Spring 2024 REAL FOOD Reset

April 15 - 28th, 2024

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Jumpstart your metabolism, lose weight, banish the bloat, reduce inflammation, boost energy, kick cravings to the curb, and get off the diet rollercoaster while eating REAL FOOD that helps you feel – and look – absolutely awesome.

Its Not One Size Fits All

Achieving optimal health is not one-size-fits-all and not everyone can adopt the same playbook to get a winning result.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients who thought they needed to eat less than 1000 calories per day and add an hour of cardio to lose weight.


We discovered together that they were in a state of adrenal dysfunction from the exact two things they were committed to: under-eating and over-exercising. The plan we created was significantly easier on their bodies and minds; so much so that they were skeptical about working out less and eating more to feel, look, and live better. And yet, that’s exactly what worked.


Others come in with a bag of supplement bottles, a best-selling diet book, a bottle of green juice, and tears in their eyes, completely confused as to why what helped their best friend lose 20 pounds isn’t doing the job for them. They’re afraid of healthy fats, shocked at the suggestion that breakfast might just be the most important meal of the day, and anxious about putting carbs on their plate.

After completing a few weeks in an Eighty program, they realized how little changes add up to big transformations. Better mood, sleep, sex drive, energy, and digestion + less pain, bloating, brain fog, anxiety, stress, and most importantly, fear about what might happen if and when they finally got off the fad diet rollercoaster.


And now one more, just to really give you an inside look at how unique we all are…

We’ve had clients come in with strict rules for themselves, adhering 100% to a vegan, paleo, keto, or intermittent fasting plan that they firmly believed would improve all their health markers.

When we started working together, they were shocked to learn that perfecting a diet trend could be one of the absolute worst choices for their unique physical and mental blueprint. We took a deep dive into their nutrition, exercise, body composition, genetics, and food preferences, did some serious mythbusting about all the things they Googled at 2 AM, dismantled all the disinformation, and put the pieces back together in a framework that supported their lifestyles.

Does any of this sound like you?

If yes, here’s the good news: it’s not as hard as you think, it’s all within your reach, and we can teach you what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat with targeted nutrition and wellness programs that will start to significantly improve your life in just a few weeks. Does that sound like we are promising you the world? Well, if you are ready to put in the work… maybe we are!

It’s not a diet, but a lifestyle.

Keto, Intermittent fasting, South Beach diet, Paleo – how do you figure out what makes sense? Eighty Nutrition helped me wade through all the fad diets and misinformation out there and figure out what works for me. I started with the 2 week cleanses and then joined the Eighty monthly FB group for long term support. Its not a diet but a lifestyle.

– Christine Winig

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