Ali Kucich Featured on Cubicle to CEO Podcast

What an honor it was to be featured on the Cubicle to CEO Podcast in March after hitting a big milestone in my business. After a year in the mentorship program Cubicle to CEO, I so enjoyed having a candid conversation with my coach, Ellen Yin, about how I shifted my offerings, my niche, and the mental blocks that were holding me back. Check out the episode here!

Meet Ali.

  • Certified Functional Nutrition Provider
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Health-Supportive Chef
  • Busy, Active, Working Mom

After years of trial and error, I discovered that the key to my own good health and well-being was in the type and quality of food I consumed. I started Eighty because I feel it is my responsibility to use the knowledge I’ve attained to help others achieve the same positive results, and I love doing it. For me, it’s like solving a riddle. By combining the science of nutrition with my clients’ unique lifestyle and health needs, I’m able to determine the specific dietary and lifestyle formula to help them make lasting changes.

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