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Meet Ali:

Certified Functional Nutrition Provider
Certified Health Coach
Certified Health-Supportive Chef
Busy, Active, Working Mom

I’M:  Alison Kucich, mom of four spirited boys and transplant to the idyllic “beach-burbs” of the Jersey shore. I’m a soccer mom, a baseball mom, a basketball mom. I’m also a wife and the chief house manager, chauffeur, cheerleader, homework helper and short-order cook.  

WHEN I’M NOT WITH CLIENTS, YOU WILL FIND ME: in the kitchen, conjuring up new Eighty recipes, or on the sidelines, cheering my face off for my boys and their teammates.

I DIG: alt rock, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and wearing jeans as often as possible. As a Taurus, I am drawn to things with bold color, texture, and fragrance, and am at my happiest in my kitchen, surrounded by family, friends and my dog, or anywhere near the beach.

MY FAVORITE FOODS: come from plants and animals. But mostly plants. 

I HAVE DEGREES FROM: Franklin & Marshall College (BA) and The London School of Economics (MSc).


  • Nutrition from Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
  • Functional Nutrition from the Functional Nutrition Alliance
  • Culinary Arts, Food Therapy, and Health Supportive Cooking from the Natural Gourmet Institute of Health and Culinary Arts, and the Institute of Culinary Education
  • Autoimmune Protocol, anti-inflammatory food therapies, hormone imbalances, and nutritional supplementation
  • Creative writing from The New School in New York City, and in Kundalini Yoga from the Kundalini Research Institute.

I USED TO BE: a vegan (for fifteen years), a raw foodist (for three years), a New Yorker, a Wall-Streeter, an author, a Kundalini yoga teacher, a personal chef, and the founder of a small, organic baby food delivery business. 

PRIOR TO THAT: I was a student who followed the 1992 food pyramid to the letter and struggled with asthma, allergies, weight gain, and a neuromuscular pain disorder. 

NOW I: spend my days preparing what is life-sustaining and nutritionally appropriate for myself, my family, and my clients, and I feel empowered by the choices I make and help others make. I appreciate the downtime and the quiet moments, and embrace the organized chaos that is my life with an active family. I try to live authentically, hold myself accountable, and show up every day with my game jersey on. And I try not to judge myself too harshly when I make mistakes, like sending my kids to school without their lunches.  

I STARTED EIGHTY BECAUSE: I discovered through years of trial and error that the key to my own good health and well-being was in the type and quality of food I consumed. I feel it is my responsibility to use the knowledge I’ve attained to help others achieve the same positive results, and I love doing it. For me, it’s like solving a riddle. By combining the science of nutrition with my clients’ unique lifestyle and health needs, I’m able to determine the specific dietary and lifestyle formula to help them make lasting changes. 

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What They Say

I initially did a personalized 30 Day Reset to really kickstart better habits and it completely changed my life and health. During the 30 day reset, I lost 10 pounds and 13 inches. Two years later, I have now lost a total of 35 pounds and 26 inches by continuing to implement the Eighty principles. My cholesterol has gone from borderline high to well within the healthy range, including my triglycerides dropping by more than 50% (yes, my doctor was stunned). Just before finding Eighty, I was three pounds away from an obese BMI, and am now firmly in the healthy BMI range.

Sylvia C., Carlsbad, CA

What they don’t tell you about being a woman who ‘has it all’ is that you start to sacrifice your own health when life gets busy. I had gotten myself into such a rut between trying to be everything for my family and at work that I didn’t even realize how burnt-out I was. Ali was the most supportive and compassionate soul. The Blueprint she created helped me see where I could make easy, lasting changes that made me and my family much happier.

Susan C., Short Hills, NJ

If you’re hesitating about joining Eighty – don’t! This investment gave me my life back. After years of fad diets and gimmicks, I finally found a real system that works and that I can sustain. I’m in better shape now than I was before having kids and I sleep like a baby!

Amanda P., Fairfield, CT

For me, it’s very simple why Ali’s cleanses just work. Her recipes are easy to follow, and always 100% delicious. All of the recipes use real food and nothing processed. The online support groups make it fun, and make us feel connected. The accountability of the groups help me stay on track.

Jordana H., Fair Haven, NJ

Before Eighty, I was feeling miserable. I had everything ‘going for me,’ but I was unhappy about my body and tired all the time. No matter what I tried, nothing much seemed to change. I took a chance on my first Eighty cleanse after a neighbor recommended it, and now I’ve done four cleanses and have lost 22 lbs in a little over a year. Ali’s approach is to empower and teach women how to eat without compromising their quality of life. Instead, she teaches us how to improve it!

Mary B., San Mateo, CA

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