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Where it all started…

A lot of people see me and assume that I’ve never had any weight problems. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, I struggled with my weight for almost half of my life.

As a child, I loved to eat, but I had no portion control.

I also ate when I was happy, or sad, or bored, or really, whenever the mood struck.

For a while, my kid metabolism kept up. But when I stopped growing taller, I started growing larger.

At 13, I went on my first diet – WeightWatchers. I lost a few pounds… and so began my obsession.

From then on, I was always dieting.

I jumped from one fad to the next in an attempt to force my body into skinny submission.

The Problem with Fad Diets

Even if I saw some immediate results, diets ALWAYS failed long-term.

When I lost the weight and resumed normal habits, all the weight returned… and then some.

It was a vicious cycle, and I gained and lost the same 35 pounds throughout my college years.

I swung from obsessing over low-fat EVERYTHING to bingeing on ice cream, burgers, and fries. The pendulum swung constantly between extreme deprivation and uncontrollable eating.

I felt ashamed, sick to my stomach, and like a complete failure.

Here’s where it gets good.

When I got out of graduate school and moved to NYC, I had had enough of feeling horrible in my body. I was old enough to realize the layers of meds were not helping. (I had something to wake me up, something to help me focus, something to deal with pain, something for GI upset, something to calm my anxiety, and something to put me to sleep, plus birth control.) Still, no one had ever spoken with me about eating real foods.

 On my own, I committed to a complete overhaul of my diet and lifestyle, without really having tools, tips, tricks, guidance, or help (so there was a ton of trial and error!). I cut out processed foods, exercised daily, drank water consistently throughout the day, and added mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation. I even adopted a vegan, raw food diet… but that transformed over time, especially as I learned that success only happens when the plan is sustainable.

What I saw was that my symptoms – the things that plagued me for my entire 22 years – went away in a matter of months. Doctors told me it was not possible – there was no way my dietary changes “erased” all the nagging symptoms I had been having.

I had done what we call an N of 1 experiment (in science, this means that there is only one trial participant) and seen positive results.

So, I went back to school to figure it all out. I went to a traditional allopathic school for nutrition (Tufts) and learned science, nutrition sciences, and anatomy/physiology – and then furthered my education with all the other integrative and functional certifications and trainings.

My Why

I suffered needlessly for years with things that could have been corrected with nutrition education. This education and knowledge should be accessible to people – because it’s not complicated. We can completely change our health and body composition with proper nutrition and lifestyle – and feel well, vibrant, and alive.

As a population, we are getting more and more sick as time goes on – we’re getting worse, not better. I had to figure this out on my own, at a time when there weren’t people like me. It was a long, painstaking process I had to endure to get to this point.

Being sick but not really sick for a long time wasted so much of my youth. And I realized throughout my journey that this is a systemic problem – we are not taught how to eat. We’re taught to feed ourselves, but not how to eat for health and longevity.

Eating real food in the right amounts at the right times can change people’s lives without even getting to the point where we need medical intervention. It can go such a long way towards promoting healthspan.

For that reason, I decided to focus on adult women because we are the great under-served. This is only relevant when we start talking about women’s hormone piece. Peri and menopausal women are basically cast aside as the insignificant when it comes to healthcare.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Ali Kucich is a functional nutritionist, nutritional therapy practitioner, health-supportive chef, and hormone expert. She is known for her ability to effortlessly empower and educate clients all over the world on emerging nutrition science in a way that not only makes sense, but is digestible and doable for anyone who wants to make meaningful change.

Ali works virtually with numerous high impact executives, corporations, schools, organizations, fitness studios, health spas, and private groups to elevate nutritional awareness and motivate transformative shifts toward optimal wellness.

Ali tailors her programs, talks, and presentations to meet your needs. Audiences are dazzled by her knowledge and inspired by her fresh and positive message. They return to their daily lives ready and willing to employ her simple, yet meaningful tools for improving their health one day (and one meal) at a time.

When she’s not speaking or working with clients at her practice, you can find Ali in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, being a mom to her 4 awesome boys + 2 Bernedoodles, making home-cooked meals, and carpooling to at least 3 sporting events per day.

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Mission and Vision

We want you to understand who you are in your normal, everyday life; what your biggest concerns are when it comes to your health; HOW much time and energy you want to spend on making a transformational shift; where toxic diet culture has led you astray in the past; and when you want to get started, so we can create a why that matters to you, big time. A why that’s going to keep you fired up, focused, and connected to the nutrition and lifestyle shifts you’re about to make.

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