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One Bite At A Time.

Your Journey to Effortless, Guilt-Free Eating and Vibrant Health Starts Here

 Welcome to Eighty Nutrition

If you’re ready to experience a transformative journey, where personalized guidance leads to a life of effortless, guilt-free eating and vibrant health, you are in the right place!

We are on a mission to empower individuals with the knowledge, tools, and mindset needed to embrace the healing power of real food. We believe in a world where everyone can achieve optimal health and vitality without guilt, deprivation, or frustration. Through personalized guidance, education, and support, we’re dedicated to helping you nourish your body, restore balance, and thrive naturally on your path to wellness.

Our Approach to Health, Wellness, Food, and LIFE:

At Eighty Nutrition, we believe that true wellness goes far beyond a number on the scale or the size of your pants. We are dedicated to helping individuals who feel out of balance and unwell break free from unhealthy habits, embrace new, nourishing ones, and most importantly, understand the unique needs of their own bodies.

Our approach in the kitchen is all about effortless eating – no calorie counting, starvation, deprivation, guilt, or shame. In our programs and sessions, we help you break free from toxic diet culture, ditch the food trend fallacies, and take a real look at your personal struggles, concerns, questions, past experiences, and current lifestyle. From there, we craft a personalized journey that includes not just meals but a fulfilling life that you will genuinely love.

We’re here to empower you with knowledge and support as we work together to uncover and overcome anything that might be holding you back from optimal well-being.

Meet Functional Nutritionist,

Ali Kucich

I am a functional medicine nutritionist, nutritional therapy practitioner, hormone specialist, certified culinary expert, a Kundalini yoga guide, and a true believer in the power of real food. I spent more than half of my life stuck in toxic relationships with fad diets, overprescribed medications, the 1990s food pyramid, and a few narcissists who made sure I felt as small as possible… especially when I was at my heaviest weight.

I suffered needlessly for years, feeling “sick” but not sick enough for a doctor-prescribed cure. I had no idea how to eat and I didn’t know that the foods I chose were actively working against me almost every single day. When I finally learned how to make changes based on my own unique body composition, genetics, and lifestyle, I was shocked because it wasn’t complicated and it worked effortlessly. I brought my body back into harmony and now I’m on a mission to help people do the exact same thing for themselves.


Here’s the good news

You can completely change your health and body composition with proper nutrition and lifestyle – and feel vibrant, alive, confident, and empowered in the kitchen.

And now for the even better news: when I worked through my symptoms, concerns, questions, and dis-ease, it took a lot of time because there wasn’t an “Ali around to help me. For you, this process will be much easier… because you’ve got me to educate, advocate, and support you from start to finish.

How can we support you?

No matter where you are in your health journey, we are here to support you. If there’s a small voice inside that says, “there has to be a better way,” we have the resources, programs, training, and team in place to help you find solutions and reclaim your health, one step at a time.

We all know what it feels like to feel “blah.” It’s time to rediscover – or maybe discover for the first time – what optimal health really feels like.

The absence of pain, fatigue, anxiety, headaches, moodiness, digestive distress, low libido, is nothing short of amazing.

Let’s ditch the discomfort for good.

Step one

Find Your Why

Answer simple questions about who you are, how you feel right now, and what kind of commitment you are truly ready to make to your health.

Step two

Choose Your Path

Learn about the programs we offer and decide which  ones make the most sense for you, your body, your mind your lifestyle, and your goals.

Step three

Take Your Life Back

Here’s where things get awesome. We work together to create a blueprint that will optimize your health, reduce your symptoms, and put you on the path toward total world domination. 😉

Upcoming Programs

The Detox

2/19 - 3/11

Spring Real Food Reset

4/15 - 4/28

Own Your Hormones

5/13 - 6/15

Mastermind: Avoid the Summer Slide

7/5 - 9/2

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Jumpstart your metabolism, banish the bloat, reduce inflammation, boost energy, kick cravings to the curb, and get off the diet rollercoaster while eating REAL FOOD that helps you feel – and look – absolutely awesome.

The Detox


A deep dive into who you are, from the inside and out, and what it takes to bring you into a state of balance, confidence, and freedom. This program will be led by a team of experts from different walks of life, from psychotherapy and functional nutrition to yoga, meditation, and organizational excellence.

Own Your Hormones


Jumpstart your metabolism, banish the bloat, reduce inflammation, boost energy, kick cravings to the curb, and get off the diet rollercoaster while eating REAL FOOD that helps you feel – and look – absolutely awesome.

The Metabolic Mastermind


Our signature program for high-impact women looking to stay in shape, eat to feel awesome, and crush their goals without sacrificing the things they love most.

Eat 4 Athletic Performance


The ultimate Eighty program for families with kids, tweens, teens, and collegiate athletes who want to take their game play to the next level with an approach to nutrition that is satisfying, intentional, delicious, and totally geared toward peak performance.

The Sugar Detox


Take a vacay from sugar and start feeling like your healthiest, sexiest, strongest, and most glowing self.

Are you sick of feeling stuck?

We are here to teach you how to eat real food, free yourself from the diet mentality, ditch the blame and self doubt, and eat to feel awesome.